It’s more than a cardio dance class. It’s community, healing, and joy.

Grace Ling Yu

Can You Breathe?

“In this house, we believe: Black lives matter. Feminism is for everyone. Humans are not illegal. Science is real. Love is love. Kindness is everything.” Dear Friends, I wanted to title this week’s blog, “Speechless.” And end it there. But I can’t. If I am speechless, then that means I’ve gone back to staying silent.Continue reading “Can You Breathe?”

Turning 101.

“You go through life wondering what is it all about but at the end of the day it’s all about family.” Rod Stewart Dear Friends, Lately I have been getting migraines every week. On Fridays. Until Sunday. Every week. I think I know why… I mean, I do know why. Lack of sleep. Constant stress.Continue reading “Turning 101.”

The Covid-19 Pandemic Through a Cancer Survivor’s Perspective

“You will listen to a bird, really listen to it; you will look at a city sidewalk or a mountain or a single beautiful tree, and really see it. And you will finally – finally – live in the moment. Because that is all we have.” Laura Holmes Haddad Dear Friends, One of the beautiful moments of shelter-in-place has been… theContinue reading “The Covid-19 Pandemic Through a Cancer Survivor’s Perspective”

May or May Not

“May you… May you fall into your own arms. May you speak the words you need to hear. May you have gratitude with each breath. May you build your dreams with faith. May you embrace your soul with kindness. May you bring wisdom from your past. May you choose peace instead of anger. May youContinue reading “May or May Not”

38 Days In. 38 Lessons Out.

“Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy.” Catherine Ripperger Fenwick Dear Friends, One of my biggest accomplishments this week was knowing that I made some of you laugh out loud yesterday with my Boyz II Men, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye,” tribute inContinue reading “38 Days In. 38 Lessons Out.”

Easter At Home

“And now these three remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is LOVE.” 1 Corinthians 13:13 Dear Friends, The photo above is an Easter bunny that was delivered to my doorstep today by my good friend Seran, and her son, Sai. The note inside read, “Handmade by Sai. Proceeds go to ThailandContinue reading “Easter At Home”

Aloha and Mahalo

“I intend to not allow the waves of change to knock me off my feet, but instead learn how to ride them.” #StopDropAndDance Dear Friends, Today my family and I would have flown to Hawaii for our Spring Break vacation. Like all of you, our plans have changed. Dramatically. Instead, I am sitting in theContinue reading “Aloha and Mahalo”

5 Chances to Dance

Dear Friends, I almost cried mid-class yesterday. Those of you who joined in on my Stop Drop And Dance Zoom class Saturday morning know exactly what I’m talking about. I made it a special charity class for World Down Syndrome Day, in honor of my friend Stephanie’s son, Toshi, and was so grateful for everyone who boughtContinue reading “5 Chances to Dance”

Let’s ZOOM and Dance Live!

“We must think differently, look at things in a different way. Peace requires a world of new concepts, new definitions.” Yitzhak Rabin Dear Friends, Peace. Really that’s the goal, right? It’s been an incredibly unusual and uncomfortable few weeks and months, for the entire world. What started out in January as something that felt distantContinue reading “Let’s ZOOM and Dance Live!”

My Birthday Wish

Dear Friends, I’m not going to lie. This “Rona” virus, as the kids call it, is getting out of hand. The fact is, it is spreading, and yes, it is scary! I don’t like reading the news, but I can’t help reading the news. And at first, it’s just news. And numbers. And statistics. AndContinue reading “My Birthday Wish”

Stop Drop And Dance-a-thon

Get a FREE Tank Top!

Dear Friends, ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN!!! Our 2nd Annual Stop Drop And Dance-A-THON in San Francisco at the Folsom Street Foundry is one month away on March 28th from 4pm-10pm. What is a danceathon? Well, in a normal one hour Stop Drop And Dance class, we dance about 15 easy-to-follow songs. Our danceathon is going toContinue reading “Get a FREE Tank Top!”

Stop Drop And Dance A-Thon 2020

Dance on Stage

“#StopDropandDance lets me be the back up dancer of my dreams!” Stephanie Byers Dear Friends, It’s time to share my deep dark secret… are you ready? Exactly 10 years ago, I was 30 years old and at the maximum age to audition for my dream show, So You Think You Can Dance.  The show wasContinue reading “Dance on Stage”


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