#WhyIStopDropAndDance: Lisa Butcher

“Nothing makes me more happy then dancing…”

Lisa Long Butcher

Do you have a couple hours 😂!

The short version: Nothing makes me more happy then dancing…

When I was very young I would spend hours watching the show Solid Gold back when they would do marathon re-runs. Girls Just Want to Have Fun was my favorite movie for years and I would watch the final dance scene over and over on my Betamax!!

ALL I ever wanted to be was a professional dancer. I never took classes or lessons. I spent my 20’s dancing anywhere and everywhere, night clubs, bars. My friends always had a hard time pulling me away. 😂 @sachinsf. Finally I tried choreography around age 30 and I couldn’t do it.

I was so discouraged.

I couldn’t follow along and it just felt so unnatural.

Anyway, I took my first SDandD class two years ago and had the confidence and belief in myself to show up and try it out. I bawled at the end because I loved it so much.

SDandD was the answer to my prayers

dancing with a group of amazing women, without mirrors or judgment, and feeling comfortable and able to follow along.

And even though I think I look perfect (far from it actually 🤣), I don’t worry, and I just have fun! 💃🏻💓


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